Thinking About Being an Escort? Here’s Why You Should Do It

With escort service in Sydney now being accepted in many parts of the world, a lot of women are joining the league of escorts offering top-quality services to clients.

But while money seems to be the most obvious reason women want to be an escort, there is actually more to this career than just being paid for intimate time:

  • Being an escort gives you the opportunity to stay in luxurious accommodations.

Most men who hire escort service Sydney has to offer have the means to pay for it, and they will not think twice about spending on luxurious hotels for the offer of extravagance and exclusivity.

And if you’re lucky enough to be booked by a rich client, you’ll get to enjoy staying in posh hotels with ultra-comfortable mattresses, exquisite linens, plush towels, and sumptuous breakfast buffets. You’ll also get access to exclusive amenities, like a gym, spa, and pool.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll get to indulge in a long bubble bath and order room service whenever you can, all without paying for anything.

  • Being an escort lets you explore the wonderful world of shopping.

If you’re booked for escort service Sydney wide, and your client is satisfied with your service, you may get to enjoy more than just a good pay and an extra tip.

A lot of clients will indulge their escorts in shopping sprees to some of the most luxurious boutiques in town and will not scrimp on buying them beautiful lingerie that their escort can wear during intimate time.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of wearing expensive lingerie and nightgowns, being an escort might just let you get them for free.

  • Being an escort makes you feel beautiful all the time.

While your job requires you to stay beautiful at all times, being with a client who looks at you as the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen gives you that extra boost of confidence.

Most clients are not shy to express their admiration towards every part of your body and some will even go to great lengths to make you feel extra special.

  • Being an escort gives you financial freedom like never before.

How many times have you wished that you didn’t have to make ends meet before the next paycheck comes?

How many times did you dream of buying anything you want and still pay your bills on time?

Being an escort means never having to wait for a payday because you’ll get paid right after work is done. And if you’ve done well or if your client loved your company, you could earn extra with extravagant tips and even receive gifts while you’re at it.

The world of escort service is definitely one that opens up a lot of opportunities for you to grow. It can even lead you to the right man in your life and secure your financial future in the process.

So, if you’re still on the fence about being an escort, this is the perfect time to start considering this as a career.

6 Best Bucks Party Ideas When in Brisbane

Brisbane is a city filled with places for everyone to go and to have fun. It is for sure that the metropolis will never run out of facilities for leisure and merriment. You have adventure and water parks, wineries, casinos, and of course, strip clubs for the men. As a matter of fact, the bucks party ideas Brisbane are almost endless.

If you are the best man and you are tasked to come up with the most amazing bucks night ever. Now is the time to prove yourself that you are indeed the man. Check out these concepts and see which one is suitable for you and your best mates.


Make the outdoors your playground. Bring your closest blokes for a time of enjoyment and adventure at one of the city’s parks. For sure, you have a plenty of things to do. Drive along the race tracks in a rally car. Team up and shoot paintballs during a strategic battle. Be a marksman for a while and have fun clay shooting. Play a game of bubble soccer. That’s not even all of it yet!


Head out to the metro’s most popular nightclubs for some boys’ time. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by a bevy of beauties? If you ask your best mates, they surely do. When you are in Brisbane, you will have a wide selection of adult entertainment from topless bars to strip clubs. Furthermore, the bucks party ideas Brisbane clubs have in store are countless. You can have jelly wrestling, table dancing, and even topless table tennis as an option for entertainment. You may also rent a naughty fantasy room with a theme of your own choosing.


For those beer lovers out there, you will find a visit to Brisbane’s best breweries and wineries the most satisfying choice. Quench your thirst with the tastiest and coldest pint of beer or glass of wine while indulging in a tasty meal. This is most certainly one of the best ways to celebrate friendship and brotherhood for a night.


Go on a water adventure and book a private boat charter for you and your awesome blokes. Take a swim, go out fishing, and even get served by topless beauties all day and all night. This is definitely the best getaway from the bustling city.   


One of the classic bucks party ideas Brisbane is to go to a casino and book a room for an entire night of playing poker. This includes a topless dealer to help you and your mates during the game of Texas Holdem and even endless booze. Isn’t that exciting?


If you want to party while driving around the city, renting a party limousine or bus is definitely your best option. You can take an ice box filled with drinks, play booming music, and even let in topless ladies for more fun.

These bachelor’s party ideas are great for both small and large groups. However, you must remember to always keep the groom’s best interests. Whenever possible, make sure that you have asked for his preferences so that everything will go out perfectly.  

For a Different Experience, Visit the Best Strip Clubs in Australia

Whether they’d love to admit it or not, men would want to visit a strip club once in their lifetime. If not out of curiosity, then it is out of their love for sexy and gorgeous women who would give them the time of day.

For someone who doesn’t always get the female attention they crave, strip clubs offer a piece of heaven. With or without money exchanged, expect strippers to come to you to strike a deal. It’s up to you to take it or not.

With all the strip clubs in Australia, fulfilling this rite of passage for every man of legal drinking age is easier than you think.

Not all experience fall on the good side, however. Thus, the need to choose the best strip clubs in Australia where lap dance is guaranteed satisfying and the overall atmosphere and services are high-end.

Moreover, you get perks only strippers and strip clubs offer.

What You Get from the Best Strip Clubs in Australia

Get the girl without the commitment

If you have a girlfriend, you’re likely to see a naked woman, which strip clubs have no shortage of. The problem with a girlfriend, however, is that she requires more than just commitment for her to strip down to her birthday suit. If all you really want is to see scantily clad women and get a lap dance at the same time, you’re better off in strip clubs.

Get a different experience each time

No matter how the marketing pitch goes, your strip club experience can become awful at one point or another. You could get the best lap dance one night and a piss-poor one in another. Rather than give up on the whole strip club experience, think of it as an adventure. You’ll never know what you’re going to get the next time you visit.

Become a better judge of strippers

Even the best strip clubs in Australia will have a stripper who is less talented than the rest of the bunch. It’s not for lack of recruitment prowess on the club’s part, but some strippers just do a better job of wiggling their goods than others. Have fun and rate each stripper accordingly. Before you know it, you’ll know exactly who to hire for a lap dance or a private show.

Go on a different kind of adventure

If some people climb different mountains to get a different high each time, some visit different strip clubs to enjoy something different with every visit. Not all strip clubs are created equal, after all. Your night could turn extremely exciting with a bit of trouble on the side. Who knows?

For guaranteed fun and excitement, visit OMFG Adult Lounge in Fortitude Valley.

Couples in the Strip Clubs in the City

Ever thought of “catching a show” in a strip club with your boyfriend or husband instead of a play, the opera, or a musical? If the thought has ever crossed your mind, you might want to give it a try. Pick one of the high-end strip clubs in the city where the atmosphere promises a relaxing and fun vibe.

A lot of couples go to an adult lounge as a way to spice things up. But even those who don’t need an injection of spice in a relationship take a trip to a strip club for the benefits that come with doing so.

The Upside

Couples in a strip club add flavour to what could be just another night in a boring and banal environment. They add a good mix to a majority of men or women in the audience. Also, it’s almost always refreshing to see couples in strip clubs in the city who simply enjoy the show and not make a fuss.

Couples bring in twice the money, especially when both parties buy food, drinks, and lap dances. If they buy a private show, the better. In other words, couples could add to the club’s bottom line.

Most couples don’t buy lap dances but as long as they pay for everything else, they are more than welcome.

The Downside

Some couples end up making out instead of spending money for the dancers and on the club’s offers. Some even use private booths like their own motel room. It is important to note that PDA may not always be acceptable.

Women tend to get too handsy when tipping strippers, shoving singles down the bikini bottoms. For most strip clubs in the city, the no-touching policy applies to everyone. Strippers also expect women to be more understanding of how unpleasant it is being grabbed and groped, but some women think low of strippers, thus, the manhandling. Or should it be womanhandling?

Not all couples agree to be in a strip club, resulting in an awkward situation that strippers would prefer to avoid. Wouldn’t it be nice if couples who come in just want to party and have fun? Alas, this is not always the case.

Couples in an adult lounge is more than welcome. But strippers and the rest of the staff would prefer them to be more open-minded and in it for the fun and excitement.

It is also important to be generous with tips. If the agenda behind the visit is to spice things up in the bedroom, the strippers should be paid generously for the show they put on that can highly likely turn on the couples.

Plan the Best Stag Party with these Awesome Strip Clubs!

Look for the best strip clubs Fortitude Valley has to host your bro’s stud party in order to make his last night as a single man unforgettable. Check out neat places you can bring your buddy and his gang to redefine the definition of fun. Party your heart out and surround yourself with beautiful women in the club, or fill your body with exotic drinks that you can enjoy throughout the night. Make your pal’s last night impressive and memorable with stunning women to accompany you the entire night and booze to keep the fun going. If you are all set for the trip, check out the best strip clubs Fortitude Valley has around for the ultimate experience!

Candy Club. The best place for real men to enjoy the company of women at its finest. Enjoy a great place with a sophisticated aura that you could enjoy with a cold glass of beer or imported liquor. Feast your eyes on lovely women that could entertain you with exotic pole dancing and lap dances with a 14-foot waterfall backdrop to excite your senses. It even has a VIP lounge where you can chill with your friends and enjoy the view in a better setup.

Love & Rockets. If you find your typical strip clubs boring, this awesome place lets you explore a futuristic twist on strip clubs while being surrounded by beautiful women. You can even try out different themes in order to fully experience your fantasy in outer space with imported drinks in your hand. There are even fun setups for each room namely: Petrie Tce Club and Valley Club, and you can even pick your favourite lady to accompany you in your adventure for the night. Make the groom travel through time and space on his own special night.

The Cabaret Club. One of the best strip clubs Fortitude Valley has featuring some of the most attractive women in the area, and they only ensure the best experience for your groom’s evening of sin. You can even enjoy the events prepared for you and your gang to maximise your stay in the club. Tip the prettiest girl in the club that captured your attention and compliment her through that.

B Confidential. They serve the best food and is thus the ideal place to enjoy a relaxed meal with your crew, but they also have the sexiest women with the most exotic display of entertainment ready for you. They combine men’s favourite combination: steak, wine, and lovely women in one awesome place. You can also get competitive with a game poker with your friends or co-workers to enjoy the challenge of keeping your poker face on.

There are so many ways you can hold the stag party for your friend and make it memorable. You can give comfort to him by surrounding him with pretty girls he might enjoy. You can make a difference for your friend and make his last the best he ever had through strip clubs and funny memories to look back to.