Couples in the Strip Clubs in the City

Ever thought of “catching a show” in a strip club with your boyfriend or husband instead of a play, the opera, or a musical? If the thought has ever crossed your mind, you might want to give it a try. Pick one of the high-end strip clubs in the city where the atmosphere promises a relaxing and fun vibe.

A lot of couples go to an adult lounge as a way to spice things up. But even those who don’t need an injection of spice in a relationship take a trip to a strip club for the benefits that come with doing so.

The Upside

Couples in a strip club add flavour to what could be just another night in a boring and banal environment. They add a good mix to a majority of men or women in the audience. Also, it’s almost always refreshing to see couples in strip clubs in the city who simply enjoy the show and not make a fuss.

Couples bring in twice the money, especially when both parties buy food, drinks, and lap dances. If they buy a private show, the better. In other words, couples could add to the club’s bottom line.

Most couples don’t buy lap dances but as long as they pay for everything else, they are more than welcome.

The Downside

Some couples end up making out instead of spending money for the dancers and on the club’s offers. Some even use private booths like their own motel room. It is important to note that PDA may not always be acceptable.

Women tend to get too handsy when tipping strippers, shoving singles down the bikini bottoms. For most strip clubs in the city, the no-touching policy applies to everyone. Strippers also expect women to be more understanding of how unpleasant it is being grabbed and groped, but some women think low of strippers, thus, the manhandling. Or should it be womanhandling?

Not all couples agree to be in a strip club, resulting in an awkward situation that strippers would prefer to avoid. Wouldn’t it be nice if couples who come in just want to party and have fun? Alas, this is not always the case.

Couples in an adult lounge is more than welcome. But strippers and the rest of the staff would prefer them to be more open-minded and in it for the fun and excitement.

It is also important to be generous with tips. If the agenda behind the visit is to spice things up in the bedroom, the strippers should be paid generously for the show they put on that can highly likely turn on the couples.

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